Sunday, August 21, 2016

Location and Map

Location map on-line:
click here for google map link ! Pangkor Fish House

How to Come?

1)     By Road
- to Lumut Bus Station and Multi-stories Car Park
- Lumut Ferry Terminal are just two minutes walking across the road.

for those who drive:
  • if you are using GPS or google map on-line, you should look for Terminal Jeti Lumut, bus stesen Lumut or Lumut Waterfront nearby. 
  • Multi storey carpark is just next to Lumut Bus Station or opposite ferry terminal.
by bus:
  • Lumut Bus Station have many buses from other places like: Ipoh, Penang, Melacca, Johor, Siangapore, Terengganu, etc.
  • From Kuala Lumpur: our advise to take direct bus (shorter distance, about 4 hours via KL-Teluk Intan-Lumut). Buses via KL-Ipoh-Lumut will take longer time, about 5 hrs.
  • There are also direct coach STAR SHUTTLE ( travel direct between airport (KLIA and KLIA 2) and Sitiawan (about 10km nearby Lumut). You can take local bus (RM2.50) or taxi (about RM12~15) from Sitiawan to Lumut ferry terminal.

2)      By Ferry - from Lumut to Pangkor Island: 

- Please take ferry from Lumut jetty to Pangkor Island.
- 20 minutes ferry time.
- RM10 two way return ticket. (please keep your ticket for your return trip)
- ferry will start operating from 7.00am~8.30pm, every 30~45min interval.
Ferry from Lumut to Pangkor Island having two stops:
  • 1st stop: SPK jetty (Sungai Pinang Jeti)
  • mainly for local villagers. 
  • quick stop, there is no announcement of the stop, please alight quickly.
  • ferry attendance always say that:”this is not Pangkor” or “Pangkor not yet”. Please insist and confirm with the attendance that you are staying in SPK/Pangkor Fish House and should alight at this first jetty SPK (Sungai Pinang jetty).
  • Turn right after you walk out from SPK jetty, our guesthouse (No.22 SPK) is the 8th shop-house away from SPK jetty, green and black colour outlook with old pillar. You may come to SPK Pangkor Guesthouse for check in or go to Pangkor Fish House check in. You may follow the map guide that we posted above to go to our Pangkor Fish House. It take less than one minute walking distance from SPK jetty to our SPK guesthouse. 
  • 2nd stop: Pangkor town jetty mainly for tourist.
  • a lot of pink colour van which is taxi in Pangkor Island. 
  • If you missed the first stop and come to this 2nd stop, you can take a return ferry back to first stop SPK jetty free of charges, or take taxi RM5~RM10 or walk for 15~20 minutes to reach our guesthouse.
Optional Ferry from Marina to Pangkor Island: (not advisible route for day trip)
  • you need to pay for additional yearly membership RM10 on top of the ferry ticket RM10 for day trip
  • these ferry only stop at Pangkor Town jetty, it does not come to the first jetty (SPK jetty). 
  • they have lesser ferry frequency (one hour interval)
  • there is no public bus services to Marina ferry terminal.
  • For those who miss the last ferry 8.30pm at Lumut, you can consider to take night ferry 9.45pm and 10.45pm from Marina with extra charge.

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